Time out from time out

So, Pisa. I coordinated my visit to Pisa with a local festival held annually on the 16th June called Luminara.

The residents light up the buildings with candles either side of the river – Fiume Arno – and let off fireworks from barges in the river.

Pisa during the day...

Pisa during the day…

...and Pisa at night

…and Pisa at night

Next day, I spent a day in trains and buses (omg the trains go at 300 km/h), destination: Menaggio.

Menaggio is one of many small settlements on the shores of Lago di Como, about halfway up the lake. It was truly wonderful to see lakes and mountains again, to say the least. Seriously awesome hostel too, the most social place I’ve been so far.

Now THAT'S my kind of Italy

Now THAT’S my kind of Italy

There’s a famous gelateria there too. SO. GOOD.

After 2 days and 3 nights in this prime location, I bused down to Como, at the base of the lake, where I had to hike into a natural park to reach a hostel with this view:

Spina verde

Spina verde

It’s about 32 C here, so it was a good chance to string up my hammock and relax. At this point, I’ve been on the road for about 3 1/2 months, and I’m getting a little tired. Still enjoying it obviously, but I think I accidentally timed this lake-mountain-tree-relaxation portion of the trip quite well.

Hammock time with hobbit feet

Hammock time with hobbit feet

I made another video tutorial for Pennydrop, about Galileo. Go check it out. It’s shorter than 5 minutes, if that helps.

we’ve come a long way since that day


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