Silmarillion Saturday – Chapters 4&5

Disclaimer: This blog is in no way intended to be groundbreaking. I’m putting up this post for now, but after some correspondence and advice from more experienced bloggers this project will undergo some re-evaluation. We’ll see what happens I guess.

Last week, it got a little complicated, but basically the elves started making tracks to Valinor.

Week 6: Chapter 4 – Of Thingol and Melian

So remember how the Teleri took a while to get to Valinor? Part of their problem was that their king Elwë went and got himself kidnapped. By love.

Basically when they were in East Beleriand, Elwë would go off looking for the Noldor who were further ahead (westward), and one day in the forest of Nan Elmoth he heard the voice of Melian, who is a Maia and powerful like a magic honey badger. Hearing this, Elwë was enchanted and forgot his people and the march westward; when he found Melian, he took her hand and pretty much went into suspended animation (love coma?) for a few years, while his people looked in vain for him, gave up, and followed his brother Olwë to Valinor.

He ended up never going back to Valinor, and became Elu Thingol, king of the Sindar, the Grey-elves of Doriath. And Melian is way cool. You’ll see. Her awesomeness shall be further revealed in chapters to come.

SHORT VERSION: Elwe found a gorgeous and powerful Maia lady and went into a love coma.

Chapter 5 – Of Eldamar and the princes of the Eldalië

This is a fairly heavy chapter, but the whole point of this blog is to break it down, so down-broken it shall be!

The Vanyar (Ingwë’s crew) and Noldor (Finwë’s crew) reached the western shores of Beleriand, and Ulmo came to say hi. He uprooted and took an island that had been chilling out in the sea somewhere, and used it to ferry the elves across the sea to Eldamar (Elvenhome, in Aman), coz he’s pretty much the Sea God and can do stuff like that. Except one little bit of the island ripped off and became an actual island again (you know, one that doesn’t move like a boat) called the Isle of Balar, just off the coast of Middle-earth.

The Teleri, who were looking for Elwë (totally in a love coma) heard about this and were like “dang, we better get a move on” so they reached the western shores and took Olwë as their king. Ossë, Assistant Sea God, taught them ocean stuff for a few years. Ulmo came back and did his whole moving-island-boat-service thing, only not all the Teleri went; Elwë’s family and friends stayed and eventually found Elwë (now Elu Thingol) again, with his new awesome babe Melian, and a few others that Ossë persuaded to stay, the Falathrim. The lord of these people was Círdan the Shipwright. Remember this guy.

Ossë got Ulmo to stop just before they got to Aman/Valinor, so for another period of who-knows-how-many years, they did ocean stuff, though they could see Aman. The island became Tol Eressëa, the Lonely Isle.

The Vanyar and the Noldor missed the stars, so the Valar made a gap in the mountains. In the gap the Vanyar and Noldor raised a high hill called Túna (not the fish I’m guessing), and upon that the city of Tirion was built. Eventually the Vanyar just stayed in Valinor with Manwë and co.

Yavanna made another silver tree in Tirion, copied from Telperion and called Galathilion. One of its seeds was planted in Tol Eressëa, and from that tree we eventually get the White Tree of Numenor. MORE MINI ORIGIN STORIES.

Back to the Teleri. On Tol Eressëa, they were having fun, but as well as the stars they could see the Magic Godly Sunshine Treeshine pouring out of Aman and were pretty keen to get over there. So Ossë taught them ship-building and gave them some swans to pull them the last little bit of the journey and FINALLY they arrived at Valinor. Jeez guys. Take longer why don’t you. They opted to live by the sea still and their home was called Alqualondë, home of the Sea Elves.

Also, in this chapter, we learn about all the princes of the Noldor, but I’m not going to regurgitate all that. You’ll pick it up.

SHORT VERSION: Finwë and Ingwë and co catch the Island Express to Valinor. The Teleri were late, and did the same, except not all of them went (take note of Círdan), and they stopped for a rest part-way to the finish line. The Vanyar and Noldor build their own city, complete with a copied Silver Tree which ends up being super important in the long run.


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