Another notch in the Stupidity Belt

It’s one thing to lock yourself out of your car. It’s another to lock yourself inside a small chicken coop.

My aunt second cousin relative and co. currently have a chicken in the backyard and are both away for a short time, so I was encouraged to go and collect any stray eggs, as they obviously wouldn’t be eating them.

So I dropped by the house on my way home the other day, and found the chook inside her coop. I didn’t want to let her out, as I probably wouldn’t be able to get her back in, so I climbed inside and tried to close the door enough so that she couldn’t run around me and push her way out. Blissfully unaware of the implications of this action, I tugged the door shut. Heard it click. Then I clicked. Oops.

I had my phone, so I could have, at the very least, called for help and sat with Mother Chook for half an hour. Imagine that phone conversation.

A few years ago, on a geology field trip to Christchurch to inspect the cracks in the ground following the first major earthquake, I found a few random rods of aluminium. Being a metre-ish long and malleable, I thought they would be useful for something, so I folded them up and have had one in my bag ever since. On one occasion, it helped me fish out my keys from the ignition, right after I locked the car door behind me. Luckily the window was down an inch or so.

On this occasion, it was lucky my bag, although on the outside, was just within reach. I managed to get the rod out of my bag, unfolded it and then was able to jimmy open the latch.

There were no eggs to collect.

what keeps our planet spinning


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