Thought some people might want some updates.

A university friend of mine, who I went to stay with in London during my travels, stopped by Melbourne on her way home. Now we’ve hung out in both cities, yay! Sexy hispanic couple was reunited once again.

Still sexy right?

Still sexy right?

We made cake recently. We did not have a cake rack. So I made a cake rack. I AM CARDBOARD LORD.

With decent ventilation

With decent ventilation

I’ve been reading Neil Gaiman, and just finished Neverwhere. Much enjoy.

An Australian clothing chain is launching a new range and have partnered with a Melbourne studio jewellery gallery to make matching jewellery. They are all about keeping it Australian, so the gallery came to us at Lightning Ridge Opal Mines for some sweet opal. I put my eager hand up to cut for them so lately I’ve been cutting (tiny!) geometric shapes out of opal.

Models for the cut opal

Models for the cut opal

Went biking along the Port Phillip shore in Melbs, also fun.

I’ll watch them bloom for me and you


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